Customization Policy

Custom Recipes

Natural Hounds is willing to cook semi-custom food for customers if needed. In short, we can substitute certain ingredients out for ingredients we have in other recipes, or we can completely remove ingredients. There is a $15 surcharge for customizations, and we also do not guarantee in any form that a custom food order is complete and balanced. As soon as a recipe is altered, we no longer make any claims regarding nutritional value.

Custom Order Sizes

We offer set sized boxes with a fixed number of packs per box. We are also willing to sell custom quantities of packs if our standard boxes do not work for you. Pricing on custom quantities will be charged proportionally to the standard box size beneath your order amount.

As an example, if you choose to order 15 large packs, you will be charged proportionally to our 20lbs. box, which contains 14 large packs, at $5.71 per pack. The order for 15 packs would then cost 15 x $5.71 = $85.65 + Tax.