About Us

At Natural Hounds, our journey began with a beloved bulldog named Biscuit. Biscuit, like many bulldogs, struggled with numerous ailments, including skin rashes, hot spots, and digestive problems. Desperate to find a solution, Conor, her owner, frequently switched her food, but nothing seemed to work. It was then that a family member suggested cooking for Biscuit at home.
Inspired by this idea, Conor developed the first version of the Natural Hounds original recipe. The results were immediate and remarkable—Biscuit enjoyed the food much more than her previous diets, and within days, her health issues began to fade away. Encouraged by these results, Conor continued feeding Biscuit this homemade diet for over a year.
After graduating high school in 2016, Conor started discussing business ideas with his longtime friend, Rick, as they both had entrepreneurial aspirations. Given the positive impact of the homemade diet on Biscuit and their shared love for dogs (they had seven dogs between them), fresh dog food seemed like the perfect business venture. Together, Rick and Conor decided to develop the Natural Hounds brand.
Their journey started with creating a logo, website, label designs, and perfecting their Original Recipe, along with crunchy biscuits and chicken jerky. With these products, they attended their first farmer’s market in Port Jefferson in 2018. The response was overwhelmingly positive—many dog owners shared similar struggles with their pets and found hope in Natural Hounds' offerings.
Building on this success, Rick and Conor refined their products and expanded their range based on customer feedback. In 2019, they returned to the Port Jefferson Farmer’s Market and also joined the Westhampton Beach Farmer’s Market. The success continued, and they delivered their products to customers throughout 2019 and 2020.
In November 2020, Natural Hounds took a significant step forward by signing their first lease in Port Jefferson, and they later opened in April 2021. Their vision was clear: to create a hub for canine nutrition where all products would be handmade on-site daily to ensure the highest quality. The Port Jefferson kitchen was a hit, leading to further expansion and new product additions.
By January 2023, they had opened a second kitchen in Babylon Village, with aspirations to continue expanding. Today, Natural Hounds continues to innovate, adding new products and maintaining a steadfast commitment to crafting the highest quality food, treats, and chews for dogs across Long Island and beyond.
“We believe that because dogs cannot speak for themselves, it is our duty to advocate for them and elevate the standard of their life and nutrition. At Natural Hounds, we strive to achieve this goal every day”


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